NZ Net: Become a Net Control Station

NZ Net logoThe New Zealand Net is a formal net, but in a casual kind of way. 🙂

If you’d like to be rostered as a Net Control Station (NCS), just get in touch either by email or by contacting ZL1NZ on the air.

As well, if a designated NCS is unable to get on the air, any other station is welcome to assume NCS duties. If you hear nothing on net frequency one minute after the net start time, send a “QND?” (“Is the net directed?”). If no one responds, then you’re the Net Control Station!

Being a Net Control Station is not difficult. In the video below, you’ll see and hear a basic net session. There were 11 stations checking-in during this session, and there was no traffic, so it was all pretty relaxed.

A couple of slow-speed ops checked in, so NCS switched to the straight key to pick them up.

You can also refer to these sample net exchanges if you’re not sure what to do.

As NCS, you should keep a note of each station that checks in, and also the number of formal messages exchanged. Then please send that information to ZL1NZ, ideally as formal traffic, although email will also be OK.