Links to websites dealing with amateur radio (“ham radio”)

New Zealand Amateur Radio Regulations and Licensing

NZ Amateur Radio Regulations (Ministry of Economic Development)

NZ Amateur Radio online study guides

New Zealand amateur radio band plans

National Organisations

New Zealand: NZ Association of Radio Transmitters – NZART

Australia: Wireless Institute of Australia – WIA

USA: American Radio Relay League – ARRL

General Amateur Radio Sites

Amateur Radio Callsign Directory (

Amateur Radio Newsline Podcasts

Origins of Hamspeak (from AC6V)

Collins Collectors Association

Morse Code Radio Telegraphy

FISTS Down Under (International Morse Preservation Society)

Morse Abbreviations and Q Signals

Morse Code Operating Aids (from AC6V)

Morse Code Practice (W1AW – American Radio Relay League)

Morse Code Translator (Type in your text and hear it in Morse!)

Morse Mad (lots of Morse info and links)

Sparks Telegraph Key Review

Straight Key Century Club (pictorial catalogue of all sorts of keys)

Telegraph Office

Tom Perera W1TP

Video: Adjusting a Vibroplex Bug

Vibroplex Collectors Association – an excellent Australia-based resource for Morse (CW) operators: calling frequencies, nets, on-air events and much more

Maritime Radio

Musick Point Radio Group – an amateur radio club in Auckland, dedicated to preserving the former home of coast station Auckland Radio ZLD – historical information about New Zealand coast radio stations

Radio NZ programme on the 100th anniversary of Wellington Coast Radio station ZLW (July 17 2011) – unfortunately the very first sentence in the report is wrong – the morse being sent is not the ZLW callsign, but rather “CQ”, the general call to all stations

Maritime Radio Historical Society (US)

Other Radio Sites (Non-Amateur Radio)

New Zealand Radio DX League

New Zealand Vintage Radio Society