Morse Code On-Air Events

Here are a few CW (Morse Code) on-air events to look forward to.

New Zealand Straight Key Night (formerly NZART Straight Key Night)

Straight Key Night cartoon logo

Held on the first Sunday evening of November*, SKN honours the roots of amateur radio with an hour of brass-pounding fun. No bugs, sideswipers, keyers or keyboards, it’s pure straight key magic.

There is also an award for the “Best Fist” heard on the night.

* For 2018 only, SKN will be held on the first Sunday of December.

Bug Roundup (USA)

Held in mid-November on all HF bands, Bug Roundup encourages simple, conversational QSOs using semi-automatic keys only. Organised by the Samuel F Morse Amateur Radio Club (Sacramento, CA).

Straight Key Night (USA)

Actually a 24-hour event, the ARRL’s Straight Key Night is held on 1 January every year, using all HF bands.

Straight Key Century Club events