Morse Code On-Air Events

Straight Key Night at ZL1NZ, 1 Nov 2015

Straight Key Night at ZL1NZ, 1 Nov 2015

Here are a few CW (Morse Code) events to look forward to.

Bug Roundup

Held in mid-November on all HF bands, Bug Roundup encourages simple, conversational QSOs using bug-type keys only. You must register in advance to participate in Bug Roundup.

Straight Key Night (New Zealand)

Held on the first Sunday evening in November on 80 metres, SKN is a casual contest for operators using straight keys to send Morse Code (no semi-automatic keys or electronic keyers allowed). The objective is to contact as many stations as possible between 20:00 and 22:00 local time. All CW stations can participate, but only straight key stations submit logs.

Straight Key Night (USA)

Actually a 24-hour event, the ARRL’s Straight Key Night is held on 1 January every year, using all HF bands.

Straight Key Century Club events